Clinical Trials Event - May 2nd - 3rd

The Call for Abstracts is now open.

We are now accepting abstracts for presentations at the Catalyst Clinical Forum. We encourage everyone with experience in clinical trials to submit their abstracts.

Preference will be given to abstracts that align with the topics mentioned in the Program Schedule.

Submitted abstracts will be acknowledged immediately. 

Event Details

Dates: May 2nd - 3rd
Location: Boston, USA
Submission Guidelines:
We invite abstract submissions in various areas related to clinical trials, including but not limited to:

  • Novel trial designs and methodologies
  • Innovative approaches to patient recruitment and retention
  • Advances in data management and analysis
  • Regulatory updates and compliance
  • Ethical considerations and patient-centered approaches
  • Patient engagement and communication strategies
  • Clinical trial technology and digital innovations

    Original Research: Present new and significant research findings in the field of clinical trials.

    Methodological Advances: Share novel methodologies, statistical approaches, or trial designs.

    Case Studies: Present real-world examples of successful trial implementations or challenges overcome.

    Regulatory and Ethical Considerations: Discuss regulatory changes, ethical dilemmas, and patient protection in clinical trials.

    Technological Innovations: Showcase innovative technologies impacting the clinical trials landscape.

    Abstract Submission Guidelines:

    Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for our upcoming event. Please carefully review
    the following guidelines to ensure your abstract is submitted successfully.

    Abstract Content:

    Abstracts should be concise and clearly convey the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of your

    – Presentation Title: State the title of your abstract.
    – Description: the context and significance of your study (100 words)
    – Objective(s): State the objectives or research questions of your study.
    – Methods: Describe the study design, methods, and data collection or analysis techniques used.
    – Supporting Media: If you have any
    – PPD Slides: If available already
    – Results: Present the main findings or outcomes of your study.
    – Conclusion: Summarize the key conclusions drawn from your study.

    Event Highlights:

    Keynote presentations from renowned experts in clinical trials
    Interactive workshops and panel discussions
    Networking opportunities with peers and industry professionals
    Poster sessions showcasing cutting-edge research
    We look forward to receiving your abstract submissions and to your valuable contributions to our
    Clinical Trials Event. Join us in advancing the field of clinical trials and shaping the future of healthcare

    For inquiries, please contact: Abe S. +44 208 059 5620 Ext. 201